Home Premiere ZEHN Records PREMIERE: Ante Perry, Dayne S – BamBam (Kellerkind Remix) [ZEHN-0024]

PREMIERE: Ante Perry, Dayne S – BamBam (Kellerkind Remix) [ZEHN-0024]

Echoes of unhinged colorful energy hail through the streets of Germany’s capital city. Every light is turned on. Every mind is tuned in. Ante Perry and Dayne S find themselves in the middle of this spectacle, both carried by the wave of their newest title: “Bam Bam”. The immediate sequel delivered by Kellerkind amplifies the Afro House driven pulse of the tune to the max, bringing a rewarding conclusion to the story.

release information

label: @zehnrecords
artist: @anteperry | @dayne_s | @kellerkind
title: BAM BAM
kat: ZEHN-0024
format: digital

1. Bam Bam (Original Mix)
2. Bam Bam (Kellerkind Remix)

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