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Actually kork always was a musician. At the age of about 8 he held the violin in his hands for the first time.This instrument should be his constant companion fort he next ten years. His believe in quality playing tirelessly over and over till he succeeded formed his entire personality present till today. He found his second passion at a young age – the electronic dance music...

Deep Stories Records, ICONYC, Aftertech Records

Born and raised amidst the pulsating rhythms of Gent, Belgium, Jeroen, better known as Yeröm, is one of the up-and-coming DJs in the realm of melodic techno. With an unwavering commitment to his craft, Yeröm's journey is one fuelledby a relentless pursuit of sonic excellence. Yeröm's sound is a seamless fusion of soulful melodies and driving rhythms...

Kittball, Mukke, Zehn, Be An Ape

Monotunes? These are the two guys with that driving, deep sound. The DJ duo is less than two years old in this line-up and yet their musical language is already loud and clear. The story started with no less an event than the after show of the Pollerwiesen Festival in 2015 where Dortmund HipHop veteran Nils was to play his first electronic gig quite unexpectedly. Of course, Soulmate Philo had even more experience and endless buck at his side with lots of beer. A fat set and a dance floor full of enthusiastic people later, the Monotunes 2.0 were born...

The Doubljuh
Deep Stories Records

At the age of 14 the Doubljuh started to experiment with his first DJ setup until mixing music with vinyl became his second nature. His first attempts were characterized by Chicago House , Ghetto House/Booty House and especially Funky Disco House. Early on a varied House style with groovy melodies and catchy vocals arose. He impressed his audience first as a newcomer of the Tectrex Crew and performed as Resident DJ in the show „Rookie Freaks“ via the Tectrex Webstream...

Stil vor Talent, Parquet Recordings, Deep Stories Records
Shahin is an Electronic Music Artist, Music Producer and Dipl. Sound and Mastering Engineer from Germany.  Moreover he is an multi-instrumentalist, he plays the guitar, drums and piano. His musical origin is deeply rooted in rock, acoustic and orchestra music. His electronic compositions are colored in deepness and intensity. He already released on several labels such as Stil vor Talent, Parquet Recordings, Ein2 and Deep Stories Records...
Herr Oppermann
Tach & Nacht, Amber, Deep Stories Records

The aspiring era of electronic music in the late 90s led Herr Oppermann behind the decks at an early age. Driven by an enthusiasm for the electronic sounds of synthesizers, he quickly developed a deep connection to the music that still permeates his work today. His passion began with his own events and a residency at a club in his home town. From there, his path led him to further stations, including a weekly radio show as well as performances in clubs such as the legandary...

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