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Premiere: Giorgia Angiuli – United (Corpino Remix)

Giorgia Angiuli, during the lockdown invited producers and musicians from around the world to help her creating a track in support of the Italian Red Cross. She got hundreds of ideas and released a beautiful single and videoclip on her new label UNITED. 
Giorgia created a contest asking producers to create also remixes.

She opened her label UNITED with the aim of creating a free network of producers and music lovers, interested in discovering new topics between art, electronic music, for the pleasure of sharing their passion and gratitude. She will release only projects that make feel her very motivated, considering the label a platform for learning and sharing new experiences, creating interesting connections. Giorgia says “Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never stop learning”.

This third release on her new label is a package of 4 remixes of the single United.

She invited, as special guest, the young, super talented and humble Tim Engelhardt, a German producer and live act. The other 3 remixes were selected after the contest. It was not an easy decision because she got many fantastic ideas.

Corpino, created a very original and fresh electronic mix, please wear your headphones to enjoy it at the maximum.

release information

label: @UNITED
artist: @giorgiaangiuli-1 | @corpino
title: United Remixes
kat: UNITED003
format: digital


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