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deep story nr. 209 | dance dance dance | by Stahler

I turn the old radio up to full volume and my foot starts to tap. Suddenly the familiar feeling sets in. Happiness hormones flood my body and my stomach tingles. My limbs break out of their dull, brain-controlled shadowy existence and gradually regain their autonomy. The rocking of my foot turns into the first tentative dance steps and my shame-induced resistance fades. A few seconds later, my movements are already flowing and follow an imagined choreography. My spontaneous outburst of enthusiasm paired with the loud music quickly attracts attention. The first people stop and watch with interest. Soon after, I have my first fellow performers on the large meadow that serves as our dance floor. The music attracts more and more passers-by in the park and the meadow gradually fills up. The feeling grows in me that I have attracted all these people with my joy and that they are now sharing it. An incredible euphoria spreads through my body and the spirit of actionism grows within me. Stahler aims to spread joy through creating lofty and floating dark disco & indie dance sounds. His melodic indie dance sets are appreciated for their danceable, yet wobbly and deep sounds infused with tasteful influences from the lively 80s, banging Italo Disco and solid dark disco tunes, covering wide electronic frequency terrains.

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