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Sabo – Bomeno (Sol Selectas)


Sol Selectas was launched in 2006, and since that time it’s been one of the record labels that has pioneered the downtempo style of electronic music that is often referred to as organic house. They have now reached their landmark 100th release that appears from the label owner, Sabo. Organic house is a broad term that covers a variety of styles. Some of it has a lot of similarities to deep house with melodic synths and earthy percussion, while others being more tribal or downtempo. Sol Selectas has an eclectic range covering a full spread of the genre also branching out into associated sub-genres. Afro house is a sub-genre of organic house that focuses on the more percussive side of the sound and this release falls nicely into that category. Sabo’s track “Bomeno” has busy percussion layered with trippy African vocals. The release also includes a remix from Hyenah who is one of the artists that has been pivotal in the Afro house scene and he makes his Sol Selectas debut with a rather stunning rework. “Bomeno” is the release’s solo original and it sets the scene by introducing the melody under a swirl of delays. The melody sounds like it’s been played on some kind of spiked metallic instrument which has a very tropical vibe, but it’s the layers of organic percussion that give the track its most defining feature. Second is Hyenah’s remix of “Bomeno” which is a more stripped back version with new synths and less percussion. He keeps the original’s melody and vocal but has built a new backing track around it to make a distinctive version.

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