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Inámo – La Llama (Still Burning)


Inámo is back on the trueColors record label that he regularly frequents and his track La Llama has been remixed by Super Flu, Sasha Carassi and Vander. Inámo has also provided three alternative versions of the track that make a total of seven cuts to choose from. Well-known within the underground of New York City, Inámo has roots in the American club scene. Respected as a DJ, producer and music director, he is also a talented artist whose music is often released on Earthly Delights and trueColors. Each of the remix artists are an established name, Super Flu being a well-respected German duo known for their music on the likes of Crosstown Rebels and Stil Vor Talent. Sasha Carassi is an Italian artist that’s featured his melodic style on Bedrock and Diynamic. Vander is leading the next generation of indie dance and organic house stars with music on Pipe & Pochet, A Tribe Called Kotori and Happy Camper. “La Llama (Vocal Mix)” seems to be the original track on the release and it’s got fizzing hi-hats and tribal percussion fused with trippy, spoken word vocals and stabbing synth chords that build with intensity. The “Still Burning” version is a little more refined with a deeper sound and less of a focus on percussion. “Still Burning (Dub)” removes the vocal to allow the groove to take control. Super Flu are first of the third-party remixes, and their version keeps the original percussive style and uses snippets of the vocal to create a techy groove. They add their own melody sound and warp a short section of the vocal to deliver a really trippy vibe. Sasha Carassi’s remix has breakbeat percussion and undertones of electro, as he transforms the tracks into melodic techno that’s full of suspense. Vander closes things out with an Indie Dance version with some added synth work and stripped back percussion.

Out now, you can crap a copy here

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