Track Of The Month: 08/2017

We are intro­duc­ing a new spe­cial series to you: our track of the month selec­tion. The first track of the month (TOTM) goes to the pro­duc­er and DJ Ben Böh­mer. Not the first time he is over­helm­ing us with his unique dreamy sound!


Intro­duc­ing Wood. On his debut EP, Ton Töpfer­ei’s 9th release, Wood tries to recre­ate the atmos­phere of the majes­tic, beau­ti­ful black hole ‘IRS13’ in the Milky Way. He uses sta­t­ic and warm pads and com­bines them with a slow, meaty bass to jour­ney to the galac­tic body called IRS13. With this EP, Wood and Ben aim to let you live the expe­ri­ence of how it could be to lay eyes on this black hole for the first time and feel the pow­er to forge new stars. Three… Two… One… Liftoff!

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