It’s Good To Be A Tree is a downtempo/organic house record label that’s new release is an epic eight-track compilation titled ‘G2B3:comp-02’. G2B3:comp-02 features new music from a selection of label favourites such as Kuumba, Last Gentleman On Playa, Valique, Yassen, Zoe Reijue, Betelgeize and label owner Sergey Pushkin. It also includes some record label debuts by Daniel Hokum, Beznosuk and Valique. Beznosuk and Valique collaborated on a track called ‘La Tribu Triangular’ which is a three-way production also featuring Betelgeize. All of the tracks have deep atmosphere and rich percussive textures that are sequenced into flowing rhythms that give the tracks dance floor focused energy. There are so many fantastic tracks to choose from that the release deserves to be deep dived, but there were a few that stood out to us. Zoe Reijue’s “Slow Me Down” is one of the standout tracks, as along with laid-back piano chords, it has electro style bass stabs and captivating vocals that have been digitised to give a really distinctive sound. Last Gentleman On Playa’s “Horny Elephants” is another track that jumps out, as it has a psychedelic style with what sounds like plucked sitar chords washed in delay and ambient elephant samples that clearly inspired the title. Sergey Pushkin’s “Fading Away” featuring the vocals of Unibird is another standout, as the vocal tones have a deeply soothing vibe to them. The cowbell and rippling synths of the backing track help create a truly immersive atmosphere.

Out now, you can grab a copy here

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