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Forbidden Fruits – Chapter 4°

KataHaifisch is a record label from Germany that brings to you the finest downtempo, indie dance and organic house. The label’s latest release is a fantastic various artists compilation featuring 10 new tracks with melodic grooves. The compilation is based on the concept of The Garden of Eden and its forbidden fruits. It explores the human condition and how it is often both a curse and a blessing to live on this earth. The release features solo tracks by Savu, Lui Mafuta, Kapoor, Cedric Scheibel, Augenstein, Zoe Reijue and coss. Also included, are three collaborations between Sydka and bawab, Thea and schtu, Anselmus and Robkob 600e. It’s a very accomplished release with all of the tracks being standout productions with downtempo grooves that are made with the dance floor in mind. There are too many top quality tracks for us to break them all down individually, so we strongly recommend checking the release out in full. Some of our highlights include Kapoor’s Mitochondria as it’s got an expansive sound with epic synth lines and ethereal undertones. Sydka and bawab’s “Marigold” was another standout due to its heavy bassline and how it contrasts with the more sparkling high-end sounds. Coss’ Damla is a little more up-tempo than the other tracks on the release, where its jovial melodies and shuffling percussion fuse nicely with its deep pads and textured vocals. There is a lot to unpack with this release and it also plays perfectly as a continuous tracklist for those who might like to buy the whole package for home listening.

Out now, you can grab a copy here

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