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Rich Vom Dorf – Lie Be


Rich Vom Dorf is a German artist from Hamburg who has built up an international reputation for making melodic house/techno with uplifting melodies and techy percussion. He is the label owner of Tächno, but has also featured his music on other imprints ranging from Acker Records to Strictly Rhythm. Along with his own tracks, Tächno has featured other artists such as Sino Sun, Marc Spieler and Jason Philips. One of the label’s latest releases is a single by Rich Vom Dorf titled “Lie Be”. Lie Be is an uplifting track that has similarities to other artists such as Paul Kalkbrenner. It’s got a stripped back style with shimmering top end synths and a thickset bassline. The rippling synth rhythms intertwine between the shuffling percussion and it’s got a deep atmosphere with poignant emotion. The track has an ethereal vibe with light percussion that’s enough to please the dance floor which also creates a dreamscape with trippy vocals and delicate piano chords in the breakdown section.

Out now, you can crap a copy here

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