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IV​-​IN – So Many Nights

Leveldva is a well-known record label that focuses its sound mainly on downtempo and organic house. Its releases have featured respected names ranging from Acid Pauli to Just Emma and its latest release is a mini album by IV-IN. IV-IN is a singer-songwriter who has mixed his love of rock guitar and vocal skills with organic house to create his own unique sound. This five-track release titled ‘So Many Nights’ is a great example of his style and storytelling abilities, as the music captivates the listener with its spellbinding lyrics. This is the first time that IV-IN has worked with Leveldva, but prior to this release his music has been released on the likes of Cafe De Anatolia, Underyourskin Records and Magician On Duty. All of the tracks on the release orientate around the same core idea where the vocals and guitar lead the tracks as their prominent sounds. It’s the lyrical content that is the main difference between the tracks, but there is also some variation in the backing tracks. “The Moon is Rising” sings of a sun setting, “Crawling on My Knees” is about an intimate experience with a lover, and “Run to the River” is a psychedelic track about old memories. “Save Us” has ominous lyrics about being saved and “Insane” is a track about excess and losing control of things.

Some of the DJs supporting this release include the likes of Unders, Be Svendsen and Nick Warren.

Out now, you can grab a copy here

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