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Rabih Rizk – Come With Me

Baikal Nomads is a respected record label within the downtempo/organic house community and its new release is an indie dance EP featuring original music by Lebanese artist Rabih Rizk.

Rabih Rizk is making his second appearance on Baikal Nomads and the EP titled “Come With Me” features two of his original productions. His style orientates around strong synth lines and dramatic percussion rhythms that create uplifting energy. There are also remixes by German artists Matija and Richard Elcox who collaborate on a downtempo rework in the style they have featured on labels such as Cosmic Awakenings and Camel Riders. The second remix is created by Germany’s Dario Klein who has dropped melodic house tracks via the likes of Ritter Butzke Records, Abracadabra Music and Bar 25. “Baraka” kickstarts the EP with jerking synth stabs and swirling pads that create a tense atmosphere and Dario Klein’s remix of Baraka refines the track by stripping it back to the core elements. Raising the tempo, the remix focuses on the synths to create an even more melodic groove. “Come With Me” is the second of the original tracks and it blends sweeping pads and dramatic claps with plucked synth melodies and pitched vocals. Matija & Richard Elcox’s remix of Come With Me gets a new bassline and percussion loop that they fuse with the sweeping pads and upbeat melodies of the original while also dropping the tempo.

Out now, you can grab a copy here

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