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Jacob Groening – Timefades

Jacob Groening presents his new album “Timefades” that features eight stunning tracks that range from indie dance to organic house. It’s an intimate release where Jacob Groening also sings vocals and plays electric guitar. It’s a synth heavy album that orientates around mid-tempo grooves, and has an ‘80s vibe that draws parallels to other artists such as Depeche Mode. It’s largely the moody vocals that give some tracks a sound reminiscent of Depeche Mode, but there are also dub tracks like “Reset” and “Traces” that are more electronic. All of the tracks have a melodic flow and deep atmosphere that adds to the album’s smouldering intensity, and on a whole it’s a very accomplished piece of music, as it’s an engaging listen from start to finish. The release is out via Jacob Groening’s record label Kamai Music, but his music has also been featured on other respected record labels such as 3000 Grad Records, Cosmic Awakenings and Earthly Delights. On a whole, this release is a well-produced and thought-out body of work that is good for home listening, but the tracks are also surprisingly DJ friendly.

Buy a copy of the release HERE.

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