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deep story nr. 203 | splashes of color | by Maria Theresia von Eberg

At the end of the year, things are known to get a little rougher. The wind picks up and pushes clouds in front of the beloved open-air sun. In the evenings, there’s a stiff breeze and the whistling that sweeps through the leaves of the trees signals the dark season. With our beloved memories in our luggage, we curl up on the couch and let the outdoor experiences run through our mind’s eye again. Outside, the wind whips incessantly against the façade.

Autumn is here, spreading splashes of color here and gray fog there. In its inner conflict, which nature imposes on it as a link between the extremes, it develops a character all of its own. It not only combines the elements of the preceding and following, but also gives the world its own peculiar brilliance. On the one hand effervescent, on the other emphatically in love with detail, he enchants and gently accompanies the slowly tiring spirits into the early dawning cold.

Today’s deep story by Maria Theresia von Eberg is just as in love with detail as the fall. She combines downtempo with driving bass and covers this mixture with her own fresh ideas. For the acoustic fine-tuning of her deep story she had help from the berlin based artist Reyneke. She now tours all over Germany and plays the country’s best-known festival stages. Her fusion set this year is particularly memorable.

Artist on Soundcloud:
@Maria Theresia von Eberg
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@Maria Theresia von Eberg
Text by:
@The Doubljuh

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