Home Podcast Deep Story #11 | Ein schweres Erbe | by aristocracy

Deep Story #11 | Ein schweres Erbe | by aristocracy

There has been a family in the old times of the reign of kings, ball dances and folk festivals. The members of this family were not really famous, but they were different from others as they devote their entire life to music. They were courtiers and performed in every part of the world with every generation of family contributing to the history of music. One day they were given a special award by the king’s degree. That was the title of nobility for achieving their goals and devotion to their work. From this day forward this family bears the name Aristocracy. Centuries and even eras have passed but the Aristocracy family has still been playing an important part in the world of music without changing their destination. There has always been a representative of Aristocracy in every era and our is no exception…

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