Home Podcast deep story nr. 202 | the world is your oyster | by Aka-Tony

deep story nr. 202 | the world is your oyster | by Aka-Tony

Aka-Tony is taking you on a dive today. Experience an exciting underwater world full of intoxicating sounds together with the Swiss. It’s harmonious and colorful, just like a coral reef. You can let yourself drift and surrender completely to the magic of the moment. The melodies carry you along the reef and flow playfully into one another. Past the hustle and bustle of the schools of fish and the colorful corals, you slowly make your way towards the open sea.
Aka-Tony developed a deep passion for vinyl during his younger years and resumed his DJing journey in 2018 after taking a longer break. Since then, he has established himself as a well-known figure in the downtempo and slow tech podcasting community, releasing numerous works that have gained a tiny bit of recognition here and there. A regular contributor to GDS.FM, Aka-Tony takes pleasure in performing at great venues. Besides; he is curating the Aka-Tapes and Slomosensual podcast series and the Down to Earth party format. He describes his music as “Crowntempo” – a captivating fusion of bass-heavy, danceable electronic tunes with a disco influence and an irresistible groove.s.

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