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Yamil – Mellifluous EP (Solar Distance)

Yamil – Mellifluous EP (Solar Distance)

With releases on Saved Records, Toolroom, Manitox, Nulu or Go Deeva spanish producer and DJ Yamil delivered another great EP out on UNERs label Solar Distance.

First of the four original tracks on the EP is “Kimya” that features Farafi, which has a deep and spiritual vibe with a sensual twist at the heart of its melodic groove. Epic and eloquent, the track steps up a gear after the main breakdown.

Second of the original cuts is “Mellifluous” that focuses on the sliding pitch of its throbbing bassline. Pitched tom drums and atmospheric vocals add to the story telling roller coaster ride that unfolds with its unique blend of textures.

Track three is the remix by UNER who adds his own exquisite piano part to form the foundation of his though provoking rework. With a dropped tempo and breakbeat rhythm he transforms “Mellifluous” into an experimental work of art, reminiscent of classic works by the likes of Maya Janes Coles.

“Distorted” is track four and third of the originals. Its moody aesthetic and jovial melodies are a delightful contrast that tantalise the senses. While the pads build in tension, the background soundscape takes you on a journey to mystical lands and far off places.

Closing the EP is “Push Back” which has juddering percussion and a seductive male vocal sample surrounded by eerie pads and bursts of tribal percussion. Uptempo and full of drama, this explosive cut finishes the release in style.

Release Date: June 07th 2019

Label: Solar Distance

Catalog Number: SOLAR033


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