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deep story nr. 208 | the magic of music | by Maltech

Nature pacifies my mind and my soul. I can breathe deeply and let go. The oppressive darkness slowly recedes and warmth rises within me. Inspired by this energy, I glide through the forest. Only slowly do the first thoughts come to me again. This time, however, they spread confidence and even joy. The driving force behind this burgeoning hope is the four-four beat drumming out of my headphones. It is the rhythms and melodies that drive me forward again. My old friend, music, is back in my thoughts and that feels damn good. Only now do I realize how much this elementary part of my life has faded into the background. All the events have so consumed me that I could no longer feel the music. But now it’s fighting its way back beat by beat and exuding its original magic.

Bringing people closer to joy through music is also the aim of our guest today. Embark on a journey through the bright side of being with the resident of the Berlin collective “Dit Klingt Jut” Maltech and enjoy the first gentle rays of sunshine of the year with a few well-chosen gems of electronic music.

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