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deep story nr. 204 | modern myths | by Pia Pan & Heyoka

Here are modern urban myths that stand the test of time and are considered unspoken truths. Nowhere written down, they are passed on from mouth to ear and only exist in people’s heads. They persist and are part of the respective culture. There are also stories like this in the electro scene that fire people’s imagination. The parties at Warehouse Chicago in the late 70s are considered the mother of all house parties. Animalistic scenes were said to have taken place there while Frankie Knuckles rained down his marathon sets on the crowd. Pure ecstasy rippled through the bodies of those present and the crowd was no longer made up of individuals, but was one big energy-filled being that had developed an uncontrollable life of its own. A movement emerged that anyone could belong to and which was referred to as “Jack” in later tracks. The urban legend of Jack is still used in tracks and mixtapes today. Of course, this is just one of many myths that have developed in electronic dance music. Perhaps with the deep story of Pia Pan & Heyoka we will be able to create a new modern myth that will bring people together again and let them melt into ecstasy. A mixtape that fires people’s imagination and will be the subject of many myths in the future.

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@Pia Pan & Heyoka
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@Pia Pan & Heyoka
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