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deep story nr. 205 | just keep dancing | by Dosem

I find myself dancing in a colorful room. I can’t see any walls anywhere and yet it feels like I’m inside a building. It seems as if the room is so big that you simply can’t see the walls. Lights in all the colors of the rainbow are raining down from the ceiling. Well, actually, I can’t really see the ceiling either. I just assume that there is a ceiling behind all the lights. The bodies of dozens of figures are moving around me, but no one seems to be interacting with me. No matter which way I turn, everyone has their backs to me as they twitch ecstatically to the music.I shrug my shoulders and just keep dancing.

The exploration of the deeper side of techno by Dosem, since busting onto the scene almost 10 years ago, has seen him clock up countless air miles, release a string of hit club tracks and earn accolades from many of his peers, who deem him to be one of the most influential underground Spanish DJs in the scene today. The demand for Dosem’s infusion of deep textured sounds, relentless precision drums and driving rhythms which make up his club cuts that are making dance floors shake the world over shows no sign of slowing. Enjoy the next hour of deep and dark music.

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