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Bookwood – Polysin

Bookwood – Polysin (+ Soukie & Windish, Brigade Remixes)

We are welcoming Bookwood to the cosmic family with the release of his new EP Polysin. The title track revs the EP, with deep dubby rushes, smooth waves of soft trebels, and some lovely high & low synths. The Brigade remix, takes the track back a notch with a nice heavy bass, that lets the synths flourish.

Lose Yourself To is a melodic track, distinguished by its soft embracing dubs and brief hypnotising vocals. A slight tropical gist is added to the EP by You&Me, with its mellow housy vibe and intense synth vibrations. The remix by Soukie & Windish, is far from mellow, with its funky hard bass & dramatic euphoric beats.

Truly an EP for every mood and every occasion!

Support from Julio Largente, Pedro Mercado, Tjerk Coers, Cream (PL), Unders, Tim Benjamin, Soul Button, Dominique Heynick, Ket Shah, Priya Sen, Pure FM, Eelke Kleijn, Alec Araujo, Blake Baltimore, Piemont, Sascha Cawa, Peter Makto, BOg, David Moreno, Oliver Schories, Yoram, Zusammenklang, Aaryon, Acud, Beckers, Kiss FM, Kosta K, Leandro Silva, Makossa, Just B, Oleg Uris, and Sergio Arguero

Release Date: April 27th, 2018

Label: Cosmic Society

Catalog Number: CS007

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