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deep story nr. 133 l Snow Day l by Philipp Kempnich

“Snow is falling to the ground,
Piling up in enormous mounds.
Music is there all day
But the sky is still grey

Snowballs are thrown in the air.
No one has any care
About work – only fun,
Because the day is a snowy one.

Snowmen are stacked very high;
Their top hats almost skim the sky.
To make them round, they must pat,
Then finish off with mittens and hat.

As the weather gets cold,
we are beeing told
To go online and listen to a new deep story –
because it’s mandatory.”

We wish you a wonderful winter season. Enjoy this beautiful trip with Philipp Kempnich through the winter wonderland.

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@Philipp Kempnich
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