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Serkan Eles – Joy & Euphoria

Baikal Nomads is a highly respected organic house record label, and its new release is a magical EP from Turkey’s Serkan Eles. Serkan Eles is a very accomplished producer whose style is rich in atmosphere, as it blends accomplished musicianship with sequenced electronic sounds. Before turning his hand to electronic music, Serkan Eles played guitar in bands, and his organic house tracks combine this skill with his love of electronica. This dreamy release has already been supported by the likes of Be Svendsen, and all four of the tracks have an enchanting sound that’s both trippy and uplifting. Fans of Serkan Eles will already be familiar with his music on labels such as Pipe & Pochet, Sol Selectas, Bar 25 and Cafe De Anatolia, and this release is the same exceptional standard that people have come to expect from the Turkish producer. First up, “Not a Body” sets the scene with submerged textures that create deep atmosphere while whimsical melodies dance between the shuffling rhythms of the percussion. Second is “Tatha,” which has a pitch-bent melody full of improvised flair, and mesmerising percussion that flicks and flickers over complementary bass chords. Third, “Joy” is a bass-heavy track with uplifting synths and eerie piano chords, which give this track a melancholy mood in contrast to its name. Last, “Euphoria” brings things to a close with a joyous vibe full of uplifting pianos, sweeping strings and invigorating snare hits.

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