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Resonances EP

C-Jay & Ryan McCormack – Resonances (ONEDOTSIXTWO)

After a brief early summer hiatus, Tripswitch’s onedotsixtwo label is back with a vengeance, unveiling a brooding release from C-Jay, who did the honour of providing the label’s first single release ‚Mokuyobi‘ (his collaboration with Yoram and Namatjira). This time round, the esteemed Dutch artist has partnered with UK DJ/Producer Ryan McCormack.

‚Resonances‘ is one for the early hours, when the fever pitch is high and the floor is lost in rhythmic bliss. Oozing with gritty analog attitude and hypnotic psychedelia in equal measure, this is a head-turner of a track that rolls along on a bed of oscillating basslines, crystalline stabs and a vocal hook which invests the track with a seductive syncopation that perfectly counterpoints the raw earthiness of the rhythm section.

Onedotsixtwo is also delighted to welcome the legend that is RPO (a.k.a. Rick Pier O’Neil) to the fold with his remix interpretation of ‚Resonances‘. Taking a deeper progressive direction while preserving the essence of the original, Rick builds a new, grounded but swirling framework around the vocal, bringing out the syncopation even more with drums and bass that shuffle seductively and make this a track you could play in variety of settings with equal effect.

Holding ever true to the onedotsixtwo „proper progressive“ philosophy, ‘Resonances’ once again delivers on the label’s manifesto, adding another essential release to their vital catalogue featuring some of the most forward-thinking and well-produced progressive house out there.

Release Date: August 19th 2019


Catalog Number: ODST0014


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