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Kamai Music is an organic house record label that also touches on associated genres ranging from indie dance to Afro house. The new release from the record label presents a two-part release by London based K2W0 who’s an exciting new talent that makes music influenced by his world travels and the different cultures he has experienced. K2W0 only dropped his first official release in 2021, and since then has been working hard to build a catalogue of releases that includes music on the likes of Magician On Duty, MONADA, KataHaifisch and Talpa Records. “Aint No Sunshine” is the title of the first part of K2W0’s split release and it’s a track with an ensemble of different sounds including keys, saxophone and vocals covering Bill Withers’ Aint No Sunshine. It’s got a trippy atmosphere and lots of complementary parts that create an exciting listen without a dull moment. SAQIB and Jacob Groening both provide alternate remixes of Aint No Sunshine that focus on the original’s vocal. SAQIB adds congas and snare fills that create an upbeat groove, and he works in some extra synth parts to give his version more of an indie dance vibe. Jacob Groening’s is the owner of Kamai Music, and his remix also has an indie dance vibe with a pulsating bassline and stabbing acid synths that create a techy groove. The second part of this release orientates around K2W0’s original track “Sometimes” which is an interesting track with blues style vocals layered with choppy guitar chords and some jazz-infused saxophone sections. It’s a downtempo track with a laidback vibe and enchanting atmosphere carried upon the rhythms of tightly sequenced percussion. Closing out part two is a remix of Sometimes by Lost Boy who removes the original’s guitar and adds his own dreamy synth melody. The remix makes trippy use of the original’s saxophone and makes sparse use of the vocal to give it maximum impact as a central feature.

Out now, you can grab a copy here

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