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German Brigante – “Sera El Flamenco”

German Brigante is one of Spain’s most respected electronic music producers, and he makes a return to Sol Selectas with a four-track organic house release. The release takes Flamenco influences from German Brigante’s Spanish heritage and blends them with chunky basslines and sweeping synths. There is something both classical and contemporary about the mesmerising tracks on this release, and there are Balearic undertones that would make the perfect soundtrack to an Ibiza sunset. This is German Brigante’s third EP on Sol Selectas, and his music has also been a feature of other imprints such as Get Physical, Monaberry and Bar 25. “Acido Azul” gets the release moving with an upbeat intro that introduces a funky bassline and melancholy synth chords. The enchanting vocals by Kurry and acid synth tones are a magical combination that are truly mesmerising to behold. “Açai” and “Será el Flamenco” both follow the same winning formula as the opening track, as they each have thick bassline and spine-tingling synth pads layered with emotive vocals. “Açai” has a flute adding to its upbeat energy, and Será el Flamenco is a deeper track with sweeping string pads. “Inquietud” ends the release with a drop in tempo, and its uplifting synths and flute melodies intertwine with Kurry’s sensual vocal tones for a spectacular ending.

Pick up a copy from HERE.

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