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deep story nr. 183| deep temptation | by Wassu

Temptation lurked behind the trees. As I walked across a clearing, I heard them singing. Between the leaves, the sounds poured out. From the branches it had to come. I called, I screamed, I lost my voice. All I wanted was to get back to the cave. Evening was already here, darkness was coming. Quickly the tropical sun would leave the day behind. I had to go back, the climb was a mortal danger in the darkness. But the melody forced me to follow it. The melody was so beautiful. Again I screamed. Who are you, what do you want? Leave me alone! Go away, just go away. Please, go away. The thorns tore my skin again, the fear drove my pulse through my organs. The grace of the sound brought tears to my eyes. I cried without restraint. Where are you, where are you going? I stood among the palm trees, the melody lost on the edge of the beach. The sun was sinking behind the ocean. A tropical storm was brewing over the horizon, lightning flashed many miles away across the beguiling color gradient of the sky.

Our guest musician Wassu, who has already released on Anjunadeep and all day i dream, captures with his set the emotional chaos of autumn, which triggers the grace of the sounds. Stirred, enraptured… agitated, confused…

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