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Elias Goldmund @ Mystic Stage, Lusatia Festival 2022

Lusatia Festival took place at the start of September and ran from the 2nd to the 5th with a selection of headliners including the likes of Heimlich Knüller, EINMUSIK, Marcus Meinhardt and Boris. The event took place in the German town of Drebkau and focuses on a family atmosphere with handmade decor and woodland surrounding that add to the magical music. All who attended sung the praises of the event and there is already hype building for their 2023 party, although all the DJ performances were exceptional, we wanted to give a special mention to Elias Goldmund. Elias Goldmund is a Berlin based artist who is known for his productions on record labels such as Rebellion der Traumer and URSL, but he is also an exceptional DJ whose style ranges from organic house to melodic techno with everything in between. He is a master at captivating the dance floor and taking people on a journey with his DJ sets and his set at Lusatia Festival was one that stood out. The hour and a half long performance was an epic selection of uplifting music with a melodic groove and invigorating energy. Perfectly suited to the enchanted forest surroundings, his mystifying set was full of peaks and troughs as he whipped the dance floor into a frenzy. His first few tracks set the scene and settled people in for the ride, then after he knew they were on board and buckled in, he started to twist and turn to make sure his set was a rollercoaster of emotions. We strongly recommend checking out the stream of his set.

Listen on Soundcloud: Elias Goldmund @ Mystic Stage, Lusatia Festival 2022

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