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Astarte is a new record label from Lebanese artist Ghenwa Nemnom who is a talented musician and organic house artist that’s worked with other labels including YION, Melody of the Soul and Café De Anatolia. “Story of a Battle” is the original track by Ghenwa Nemnom, but it also features a remix from German artist Chris Zippel, which transforms the original into a melodic house/techno masterpiece. Although the original is a very impressive piece of music with heartfelt emotion and excellent musicianship, its style is not necessarily nightclub orientated, as it’s very orchestral with only a short drum section and lots of atmosphere. This is where Chris Zippel steps in, as he is a skilled producer who is well-known for his work with artists ranging from Pet Shop Boys to Steve Lawler. He adds additional synths and lots of DJ friendly percussion that is very nightclub orientated. Chris Zippel’s remix keeps some of the original’s organic sounds and instrumentation that give it a cinematic feel, but his hypnotic synths and groovy percussion create up-tempo energy. Its majestic with moody undertones and it would sound perfect in the DJ set of someone like Guy J or Nick Warren. The original track is also standout here and would no doubt have it’s time and place at a day time set somewhere like Burning Man or the intro of a podcast, but it’s the Chris Zippel remix that really made this release stand out to us.

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