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Alex O’Rion, Kasper Koman – Nostalgia

Alex O’Rion pulls on the heartstrings with his emotional new album Nostalgia, which features a selection of atmospheric, progressive house tracks. It’s an accomplished selection from Alex O’Rion who has been working on the album non-stop for the last 18 months, including at home and when travelling for gigs. People will likely already know Alex’s music on labels like Lost & Found, SUDBEAT, Anjunadeep and Global Underground, but this album is a change of pace with its slower tempos and increased focus on atmosphere.

“Elephant” gets the release moving with earthy percussion and dreamy melodies, then “Dank Farrik” changes the mood with breakbeat percussion and trippy vocal textures. “Vale” switches things back to a four-four groove with shuffling percussion and soothing atmospherics. “Cellar Door” and “Call Me” continue the calming vibe, then “Cuba Libre” starts to crank up the energy with its lurching pads and heartfelt melodies. “Horizon” takes things a little darker and more percussion focused, then “Librium” stays on a similar vibe with the moody tones of its murky atmospherics. “Foul Play” starts to lift the mood again with its use of soaring melodies, then the angelic vibe of “Aquatic Life” submerges the listener in a sea of tranquillity. The final three tracks “November,” “Melin,” and “Wacom” are certainly more dance floor focused with toughened percussion and thickened basslines. The album is brought to a close by the bonus track, which sees Alex O’Rion remix a classic tune by Kasper Koman called “Loco Motif”.

This is a well-executed album that takes its time to glide through a series of peaks and troughs, which are seamlessly woven together into a marvellous musical tapestry. There isn’t a track that jumps out as an obvious DJ tool or dance floor focused single, as it’s clear this album is intended for home listening, and Alex O’Rion has done an exceptional job of taking the listener on a journey. This said, all of the tracks could still find their place in a DJ set, especially for people looking to play a little deeper.

You can buy a copy of the album HERE.

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