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Veytik & Stephane Salerno – Slither EP

Out now, is a majestic organic house release with revitalising moods and delicate textures. The release comes via the Baikal Nomads record label, and features original music by Veytik and Stephane Salerno. The release’s title track “Slither” is a collaboration by the two artists, but there is also a solo production from Veytik called “Soul.” Veytik is an American artist from New York, who alongside previous outings on Baikal Nomads, has also featured his deep and uplifting music on imprints including Shango Records, Harabe and Click Records. Stephane Salerno is a French artist from Marseille and this is his first time on Baikal Nomads, but not the first time he has collaborated with Veytik. Together they have worked with the likes of House Music With Love, Cafe De Anatolia and Art Vibes Music, but Stephane Salerno has also released his sunlit solo tracks on record labels ranging from Pipe & Pochet to KataHaifisch. On the release are two remix versions of Slither, the first from MI.LA, who returns to Baikal Nomads with a rework that showcases her angelic style. AmuAmu provides the second remix, and it’s a great example of the downtempo style he is known for on other imprints like Copycow and Underyourskin Records. Opening the release is the original mix of Slither, which is a cinematic track that has an epic atmosphere with heavenly piano melodies and trippy guitar chords. Its medley of vocal textures adds to the trippy atmosphere that makes this track so captivating. Soul is the solo track by Veytik, and its vocoder vocal adds an air of funk to the majestic string pads and flowing conga rhythms. MI.LA’s remix of Slither keeps the original’s angelic vocals, but boosts the tempo to lift the energy of her melodic version. AmuAmu finishes the release with a mind-bending rework which has glitchy synths and a chugging bassline that transform the track into a shamanistic version.

Out now, you can grab a copy here

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