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Philipp Johann Thimm & Raphael Hofman – Baby’s Dreamride (Remixes)

Philipp Johann Thimm and Raphael Hofman’s avant-garde melodic house track “Baby’s Dreamride” gets a selection of new remixes that range from organic house to melodic techno. Out via Wuza Records, the release features seven new versions by AVEM, Christopher Schwärzwalder, HOVR, Jan Oberlaender, Matchy, Ouhana and REGLER. Each new remix puts a different spin on the original, which is known for its jostling percussion, poignant strings, throbbing bassline, and hazy tones of the trippy vocals. AVEM is a Swiss artist known for music on labels such as Rebellion der Träumer, and he opts for a dub rework with dramatic fills worked into the percussion. Christopher Schwarzwälder is a German artist known for his links to Berlin’s Kater Blau nightclub, and he releases regularly on the venue’s associated record label Kiosk I.D. He opts for a streamline melodic house version with a new melody synth and smooth melodic breakdown, while also making sparse use of the original’s vocal. The third remix comes from Ouhana, who’s previously released on labels such as Magician On Duty and KataHaifisch. His version streamlines the percussion to create a smooth flowing groove, and he lets the bassline become the main focal point of his remix. Jan Oberlaender is a German artist who has worked with the likes of Heinz Music. He lifts the tempo and thickens the kick drum in his melodic techno version, which turns the original’s vocal into more of a texture, while also adding a selection of new synths. Matchy is a German artist who delivers an electrifying version led by a new arpeggio synth, he also lifts the tempo, and creates an emotive breakdown that pays homage to the original. It’s a stunning remix in the melodic house/techno style he has featured on the likes of Katermukke. The penultimate remix comes from Germany’s HOVR, who has worked with other labels such has Sol Selectas and Stil vor Talent. He softens the track by adding a gentle bassline and breezy synth melodies that give his remix a floaty vibe. REGLER closes the release with a stripped back version that increases the tempo, while focusing on the original’s vocal. He also adds a new bassline and his own tough percussion making it a melodic techno remix that concludes the package with peak time energy.

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